About us

ArtinVet is focused on the development and commercialization of products and services related to regenerative veterinary medicine, which are mainly oriented to pets (dogs and cats) and competition animals (horses).

Our goal is to improve treatments in the field of wound healing, with innovative products that do not exist so far or with new capabilities that make the process better and faster.

ArtinVet is located in the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia, with laboratories in Barcelona and Bilbao.

ArtinVet is an amazing project with great future. We have innovative and effective products for complex diseases in veterinary medicine.

Marta Acilu, CEO

Whom we focus on?

Our efforts are focused on pets (dogs and cats) and animals with high economic value such as stallions or competition horses.

ArtinVet products are a natural consequence of the cooperation between these three companies for the last two years in order to develop human medicine’s products. During this cooperation, the potential of these technologies has been confirmed in the veterinary medicine field.

These products will fill the current emptiness in the tissue regeneration field in veterinary.

Pilar Brazis, Scientific Advisor

Our strenghts

Wide knowledge in veterinary medicine
More than 10 years in the regenerative medicine sector
Management capacity
Sector knowledge

Where we come from

ArtinVet, Advanced Regenerative Therapies in VETerinary medicine, comes from the union of Histocell, a leading company in regenerative medicine and LETI Animal Health - Univet, a company specialized in dermatology veterinary, with Spherium Biomed's innovative support.

Histocell is a Noray Biosciences Group biopharmaceutical company specialized in Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy products for Regenerative Medicine. Currently, Histocell has 30 high qualified professionals and production facilities approved by the AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicinal products and Medical devices) in order to produce cell therapy drugs. Histocell technologies are based on the application of Adult Stem Cells and Bioactive materials as key technology, consolidating its position in the development of Tissue Engineering products. www.histocell.com

The Animal Health Unit of LETI is a reference in Immunology and Veterinary Dermatology. They work in the areas of Dermatology, Allergy, Immunology and Diagnostics, offering innovative solutions to the veterinarian in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of relevant diseases in companion animals, such as Allergy and Leishmaniosis. www.saludanimal.leti.com
Spherium Biomed is a holding for biomedical projects created within academic fields. They license university and research centers projects and designs the development strategy in order to make projects attractive for the market investing their own capital to gain maturity in the project. Finally, they searches for suitable partners to complete the project development and commercialization. www.spheriumbiomed.com