Serviskin. Autologous skin transplant

ServiSkin is an artificial skin for epithelial regeneration of large skin lesions caused by traumas, burns or surgical wounds. This skin is produced with tissue engineering techniques.

It is a skin equivalent obtained from the animal's own cells (fibroblast and keratinocytes), which colonize the new fibrin matrix that subsequently will be implanted above the animal skin. Se trata de un equivalente cutáneo a partir de las propias células del animal (fibroblastos y queratinocitos), que colonizan una matriz de fibrina para su posterior implante sobre la piel del animal.

All the cells required for the artificial skin are obtained from a small sample of the animal skin and blood plasma. For this reason, there aren’t any incompatibilities at the time of the graft.

How is it done?

  • Clean the area of the skin, where the punch will be obtained to send it to the laboratory. Take a biopsy (small punch of 8mm) that has all the layers of the epithelial tissue.
  • Once the skin and blood plasma sample have been obtained, it is necessary that the veterinarian send all the samples to our laboratories, where we cultured the cells to obtain an artificial skin as a dermal and epidermal equivalent.
  • The skin graft must be done over an active granulation tissue to ensure the blood supply to the new artificial skin and then, it can be integrated into the animal skin.

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